April // #BeTheAnswer

I have a new hashtag, but before I tell you what it is, let me tell you about the experience that birthed it.

Towards the end of last year, things became a bit unsettled and I had lots going on. As you would imagine my thoughts were geared towards who could help me, who I needed around me and generally a keen search for ‘who’! Towards the end of November, as I reflected on the Christmas story, I changed my outlook from searching for a person to help me to being THE person that helps!

What a change in my attitude! Quickly, the ‘pity party’ gave way to a servant heart… I searched for needs around me and in my own way found ways to meet them. By the end of December, I had given out a gift everyday and the responses of those I gave gifts to slowly but surely eased the complexities plaguing my head at the time. I remember looking back just this January and those daily prayers of my ‘needy’ self had been answered. How did that happen? Well simply enough, serving the needs of others.

Today I am keen to spread the word of #BeTheAnswer, because that for sure will take you from need to result and other people would have been helped along the way. Besides someone else who chooses to #BeTheAnswer will meet your own needs. Let’s spread some love, give hope to those we can lift and send me your experiences as we #BeTheAnswer!


Book of the Month:

Love Does by Bob Goff





“Simply put: Love does”
– Bob Goff