As we build towards our dreams, it very common to have full on plates. Time just never seems to be enough. Piles of things to do and not even sure which one to tackle first. If you feel like that, I might have some good news for you… learn to CROP.
C – Create a list of all you need to do
R – Rate them in order of importance
O – Optimise the list – how best can I do the items I need to do on my list
P – Put a plan in place – your plan will include when to execute the item on the list and who can help

The method CROP can be applied to the most mundane things like choosing to have a fulfilling week for the family to a project of writing a book. At our workshop last June, we had a go at CROPing. It was great to see the girls tackle tasks with CROP and it will be good to see you tackle your too. Get out a sheet of paper and write your list to begin with. Thanks for being listening today. Please share and subscribe and visit for more info.