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MAPHer Ltd is based in the United Kingdom and works across the world. Our books are available worldwide on Amazon, and our speakers are happy to travel worldwide to deliver a bespoke content for your organisation. We also offer some of our courses online (coming soon).

We believe that what we offer, despite the nuances of culture is applicable to every woman. Our belief is that when a woman exploits her unique potential, she blossoms and makes her world more captivating. We know that this process fills the voids that may exist on her inside and helps her resolve conflicts that she finds difficult to express.

The woman who experiences our services will learn to #LiveWell #LiveFull and #LiveOut.
The woman who pauses to explore her unique strengths will be taught to exploit it too.
The woman who becomes a member of our community will have the additional advantage of working with like-minded women and birthing her innermost desires.

Through our offerings of MAPMe strategy sessions, MAPCourses, MAP Workshops and timely Minute Motivation posts, we build capacity so that you can be your best self, so please contact us to begin your journey today.

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Published Books

GROW with Goals

90 Days of GRACE

A Letter To my Daughters

MAPMe Sessions

MAPMe sessions are the strategic bridges for ambitious women aiming to live out their purpose. It begins with a clarification of the intended destination and a map that gets her there. At the end of the session, she will have a MAP that charts her next course of action and a step-by-step guide to realise it.