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Strategy, not execution, is the most crucial step in ensuring we live the life we desire. Looking back now, I realise that most of the ‘accidental’ successes I have had in life can be linked to me setting out my strategy before doing the work. The well know axiom says, “no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan”. My daily interactions with women constantly reveal talented women who fall short because they lack strategy.

MAPMe sessions are the strategic bridges for ambitious women aiming to live out their purpose. It begins with a clarification of the intended destination and a map that gets her there. At the end of the session, she will have a MAP that charts her next course of action and a step-by-step guide to realise it.

A MAPMe session can be done virtually or face-to-face and focuses on one of these three areas:

  • Personal Development Plan
  • Career Development Plan
  • New Venture Plan

What you get.

Clarity on where you are headed

Suggestion of resources you need to enlist

A habit check – what to develop and what to avoid


A detailed report with agreed next steps to bring your dreams to life

How it works.


1. Fill our questionnaire

Fill out a short questionnaire to help set the foundation for the MAPMe session.

2. Book MAPMe session

Recommendation is a 1hour session which can be followed up by another session if needed.

3. Tailored MAPMe report

You will receive a MAPMe report within 14 days of the session.

What people are saying

This amazing session is just what everyone needs. For the first time ever, the MapMe session made me think of what I’ll do in my 60’s. First I thought why would that worry me so much as I have many years before i get to that hurdle but Doyin changed my orientation on what’s really important and why.This session simply helps you shape your present while preparing you for the future
Chrispina Odunewu

MapMe session with Doyin has helped me to have a clear understanding of how I can move my passion forward. She got me thinking about what I intend to achieve with my passion by thinking of my target audience, this I believe will enable me to put a proper plan in place in order to achieve my desire goal. She has become an expert in the area of strategic development for businesses and individuals and her wealth of knowledge is quite impressive. Kudos to you dear Doyin

Rachel Osinaike

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