Get Organised – Part 2

We started off on the subject of getting organised in October 2016. I remember promising to put together a home study course to teach you practical ways to get organised. Thankfully the course has now been launched and you can access it by visiting

Today I want to continue the discussion from the 4Ds – Decide, Declutter, Debug and Design by focusing on the last word – DESIGN! How exactly do we design a system that works? My answer to this will be the acronym PERK

P – Plan: set time aside daily to put a plan in place. I find that last thing before bed works for me. Write out a To-Do list and schedule items from this list into your calendar for the next day

E – Execute: it is not just enough to write out a plan, you must be discipline enough to execute what you have written down. Follow through with the items in your calendar

R – Review: Before making a new set of plans, review that the current plan worked. If it didn’t, decide how to fine tune it. If it worked, then choose to keep it.

K – Keep: Keep what works and get rid of what didn’t

I hope this had further enhanced that journey to getting better organised and I look forward to hearing your stories of success!