Maximise Me

MAP 2018 Highlights


DJ Sobanjo

Pauline Midwinter

Debbie Oyelade

CEO of Maximised Living, DJ Sobanjo’s focus is simple – show them what they can be and show them how to get there, because they have what it takes to do so. With an additional focus on communication, Communication expert Debbie Oyelade session “Say it better” focuses on communication being advantageous and not costing us relationships. Finally, Pauline Midwinter, elocution expert caps the day with a hands-on elocution lesson in the Adorn session.

Registration for MAP 2022 is now open

Date: Saturday 18th June 2022
Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue: The Thurrock Hotel, Ship Lane, Thurrock RM19 1YN
Ticket Price:  £120
Theme: A.R.I.S.E